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By eg blogger on 9/28/2011 7:37 AM

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is currently considering sixteen refund requests from some of the nation’s largest oil refineries that could cause some already underfunded schools and local governments to give significant dollars back.  These refineries are applying for the refund under a Texas Constitutional Amendment that allows an exemption for industrial plants on equipment purchased to reduce on-site pollution.  According to the Associated Press, if the commission grants the refund, the requests could add up to more than $135 million, with over half being owed by Texas school districts.

By eg blogger on 9/25/2011 6:27 AM

In a recent article from the Arizona Republic, several experts analyzed the tax situation in Arizona to determine why Arizona is currently struggling with its finances.  During the 1990s, the Arizona legislature effectively got out of the property tax business for residential properties.  When asked whether Arizona made a mistake doing so, each of the experts agreed that effectively limiting the state property tax was a mistake.

By eg blogger on 9/23/2011 2:00 PM

On November 8, 2011, the people of Texas will be voting on constitutional amendments proposed by the Texas Legislature in the 82nd Legislature.  Of the ten proposals, two (Propositions 1 and 8) are specifically related to property tax.  Proposition 1 amends the Texas Constitution to allow the Texas Legislature to provide a property tax exemption for the surviving spouse of a 100 percent or totally disabled veteran.  Proposition 8 amends the Texas Constitution by requiring the Texas Legislature to provide open space valuation for land devoted to water stewardship and conservation.

By eg blogger on 9/20/2011 9:02 AM
Property owners that suffer casualty losses due to natural disasters may get some relief from Bastrop County, but not all area taxing entities may choose to help.  Even if no re-appraisal happens, the tax code contains other options that can ease the burden for disaster victims. 
By eg blogger on 9/16/2011 3:33 PM
According to a recent article by KTRE, Roy Knight, the superintendent of Lufkin Independent School District is leading the push to file a lawsuit against the State of Texas.  Lufkin ISD is claiming that the current school finance system in place in Texas is not equitable and it is one of the districts coming up on the short end of the equity stick. The Lufkin ISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to incur the approximately $10,500 in order to join the hundreds of other school districts across the state in a lawsuit against the State of Texas in order to bring equity to the current school finance system.  Ultimately, the goal of the lawsuit is to repair the current school finance system in terms of fairness either by new legislation or by court order. According to the article, Lufkin ISD has lost over $11,000,000 in property taxes due to the current finance system in place since 2006.  As the president of the school board notes, "property taxes locally should be kept in the local district, and our taxpayers should benefit the local school district."...
By eg blogger on 9/12/2011 8:54 PM
After the 82nd Legislative Session has closed, a number of new bills have been introduced and ultimately enrolled related to property taxes in Texas.  We encourage you to review these legislative updates on the Texas Comptroller's website or to attend some of our upcoming seminars related to the important changes in Texas Property Tax Law.
By eg blogger on 9/1/2011 8:09 AM

House Bill 252, which goes into effect today increases the amount of documentation homeowners are required to present to the Appraisal District to achieve a homestead exemption on their property.  In addition, it clarifies that owners that have homestead exemptions elsewhere (whether within or outside the borders of Texas) are not entitled to a second exemption in Texas. 

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